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Boombox Brewstreet Is About Brewed Beer, Dance, Music, and Food

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Boombox Brewstreet is on the first floor just opposite to MOB in Sector 29, Gurgaon. Lift is there else you can use stairs that are not much to climb. Day time is popular for Kitty parties and large girly groups for fun like Tambola. And in the evenings you will find youth in various group sizes for freshly brewed beer, drinks, dance, music, food. No hookah affair. A separate smoking room, clean & well-maintained rest rooms. A large bar at the end. Seating is around 120. But the place can accommodate 150-200 for a standing party. A large number of 4-seat tables are there with a combination of long chairs and normal length cushion chairs. You will find big tables with sofas along the walls to accommodate larger groups. These are around 4-5 in number.

Extreme opposite to the bar in Boombox Brewstreet, the side facing the parking, has a 6-8 seat all-sofa table on the right. So if you want some privacy for your group, this is the area. But just opposite to this table are stand alone 5-6 tall bar chairs. And similar chairs you will find around the bar and sides. The brewery is just opposite to the entry and occupies almost 1/4th of the total area of Boombox. The interiors are good and unique. Like the musical brain on the wall. Flies are an issue and the restaurant really needs to take a note of it to find out a permanent solution to this. Fermentation could be one of the reasons of attracting flies.

Boombox Brewstreet is a real fun place

Let’s talk about the drinks at Boombox Brewstreet first. Sweet Child Of Mine is a mix fruit juice with a nice presentation and preparation. Cheap Lime Thrills is a multi color drink work red, sky blue, and orange shades. There is a magical ice cube in the glass that keeps you giving different colors experience like vibgyor. Roasted barley and a special yeast make Boombox Special beer that gives you a touch of scotch in its taste. Though Wheat Beer is hot selling. But this one might take over the top slot gradually. Citrus Cyrus is a Cherry Red drink that comes in a small cute glass with salt across its top. It’s cranberry juice with a touch of salt. What they call as Fruit Punch is nothing but Strawberry Shake.

Baby Corn Ka Hai Birthday Bash at Boombox Brewstreet comes with a unique presentation. With a coating of baby Corn flour, black pepper balls, onion, garlic, and chili sauce makes it a tasty deal. Hoton Pe Bas Tera Naam Hai is Chettinad chicken Tikka with coconut froth, and crispy Curry leaves are okay. Though I was expecting more of crispy Curry leaves, and mustard seeds. Something Is Fishy is Kasundhi Marinade with cherry tomato, honey caviar, micro greens, potato chaat. Both chicken and fish dishes are not too extraordinary. In fact, fish is too spicy afterward that you don’t realize while eating. Ho Gayi Teri Balle Balle is Paneer Tikka, Trio of Peppers, Onions, and Makhani Mayo Pizza. It is thin crust rich pizza having a lot of versatile toppings. Unlike other places, it has a balance of sauces.

Boombo Brewstreet offers Boombox Special Beer

Otherwise at most of the places I find an excess of tomato sauce that brings unnecessary excessive sweetness. That is not here at Boombox Brewstreet. And then you will find Tandoori Mayo spirals on it. This Mayo is their in house preparation. Bay of Biryani Chicken comes with Kadhai chicken curry. Promo Mix is Penne with tomato, cream sauce, and exotic vegetables. We had chicken in white sauce. Chicken Biryani is one of the specialty here. The chicken pieces have two distinct properties. Firstly, those are juicy. So many places these are dry and take more to chew. These are juicy, soft, and fast to go. Secondly, the pieces are red and not white. Something is magnificently different in taste. And you will really love it.

Another significant dish at Boombox Brewstreet is Veg Pasta. I find a right mix of white sauce, spices, and oil that makes it a perfect dish. Though Veg, but veggies were less in my opinion. There is a scope of more. May be because I want to prolong it’s savory. In fact, I would not another serving. Yeh Daulat Bhi Le Lo, Yeh Shauhrat Bhi Le Lo in the desserts was the only option out of the two available. The other one Khaike Paan Italy Wala that has Paanmisu, Sweet Chutney, Gulkand Popcorn, and Coffee Jelly was not available though that was our preference. It is quite a time-consuming preparation. The one we had is Daulat ki Chaat, Patisa Crumble, and Gold Leaf that had an interesting presentation and had a substantial taste of Patisa. Overall, a nice place to party, enjoy food, and have fun!

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