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Blueair Air Purifier Brings New Range #CleanAirForEveryone

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Blueair launches a couple of new air purifier ranges in India. This time, the pricing is the top consideration. Because if the equipment costs less, it has a higher scope of reaching larger number consumers. Hence, the air purification mission reaches more houses and ensuring better living and health measures. The new Blueair Air Purifier range showcases new generation air purifying technology. In fact, the new innovations in product take the onus of better health. Hence, the launch of street-cool and easily affordable Blueair Air Purifier. This is an all new intelligent classic range. The announcement about accelerating offline retail presence intends to reach higher volumes. This will help people to take control of their air quality at home, work, and elsewhere.

Blueair Air Purifier is a mark of leadership and innovation. The company leads in innovative air purification technologies for more than two decades. With this current launch of two new air purifiers, the leadership position climbs to another level of consolidation. The new Blueair Air Purifier is having various unique qualities. For instance, it is not only hyper-efficient and street-cool but is also easily affordable. In addition, it is ready for IoT (Internet of Things). Hence, it is an affordable yet IoT-smart device. The affordability factor heralds a high thrust by Blueair to get its wellness enhancing purifiers to a larger count of Indians. And this is happening with a major expansiön of the company’s retail network in Delhi and Mumbai. This will further roll out into other major cities across the country in the coming months.

Blueair Air Purifier Brings New Range

At the launch ceremony Girish Bapat, Blueair Director West and South Asia Region says “Our mission at Blueair is to help Indian women, children and men confront the health challenges posed by rising air pollution by giving them access to the best air cleaning technologies that can create safer indoor havens,”. He adds further the Blueair Air Purifier is a result of innovations in Sweden. Where the product development takes place. The purpose is to put people in total control of air quality around where they live, work, and recreate. This happens with the help of superior filtration efficiency that they embed in every Blueair Air Purifier.

In fact, this high-tech superior quality Blueair Air Purifier is now much easier to buy due to Blueair’s accelerating availability in multiple retail environments. Finally, he says the growth of Blueair has been tremendous since the launch of its own organization in India. That was, indeed, almost two years ago.

He is quite aspirant while saying “Blueair is the brand leader in the premium segment of India’s fast growing air purifier market. The launch of our new Blue air purifier creates a tremendous opportunity to allow even more people to breathe clean air at home and to further strengthen our position in the Indian marketplace,”. Blue is simple yet supremely efficient. It is very strong in trapping airborne dust, allergens, pollen, smoke, chemicals, and viruses. The design of Blueair Air purifier is such that it appeals straight to the heart. Especially to today’s health-aware younger generation.

Blueair Air Purifier Brings New Range #CleanAirForEveryone

This radical new 360-degree air intake approach to air purification comes from a state of the art design of Blueair Air Purifier. Such a design leverages it to achieve a lot technically. Firstly, it optimizes airflow. Secondly, it minimizes noise levels. Thirdly, it boosts particle retention. And finally, it harnesses modularity for true ease of use. Moreover, it is now available at an affordable price.

The premiering of Blueair’s new smart Classic range comes in three models viz 280i, 480i, and 680i. This brings the iconic Classic Blueair Air Purifier firmly into the IoT age. Ther̥̄ are quite a number of innovative enhancements. Firstly, there is a new interface. Secondly, there is a remarkable improvemènt in its filtration efficiencies. Thirdly, it has a brighter white appearance. In addition, it has a built-in clean air intelligence technology. This helps people better understand what pollutes their indoor air. Moreover, these new era models supply almost 20% more pure air on the faster speed setting. At the same time, it ensures phenomenally lower noise level. Similarly, it goes with the power consumption. As a matter of fact, all this is possible because of improvements in fan technology.

As Girish Bapat says “Both the Blue and the Classic reflect Blueair’s industry leading design ethos to deliver simplicity together with inclusiveness in products innovated to deliver 100% air purification satisfaction, regardless of the pollution inside or out on the street,”.

The Blueair Air Purifier Blue is available now in the market from INR 22,990. The Blueair new smart Classic model comes with a price tag of INR 55,000.


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