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Biryani Blues Restaurant Connaught Place – Review

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If Biryani is a passion, don’t tell me it is only for chilly maniacs. Chill! As I too love Biryani and am not that chilly freak. And let me tell you I have got the chance to taste some if the best Biryanis around the world. For instance, in Den Haag, Amsterdam, Malaysia, Cairo, Bangkok, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Kochi and so on. But nowhere I had to compromise with the taste because of an extended quantity of chilies. We are talking about Biryani Blues and my first experience at their Connaught Place outlet.

Though Biryanis at Biryani Blues are good but there need to be an option beforehand if you need lesser chilies in your Biryani. There has to be a clear-cut understanding both ways so as to build your fan base. I would definitely visit Biryani Blues again. And in fact, I will have Biryanis but with the volume of chilies and spices of my choice.

I loved the ambiance and presentation at Biryani Blues. The Handis below the staircase are looking marvelous and steal the show. Compact counter and seating are understandable because many would like to take away and enjoy it at home. Perfect preparation is the key. The only exception is the point I stated above. But then Biryanis are to be like that only?

Biryani Blues Restaurant Connaught Place

The interiors comprise of graffiti that is quite vibrant and energetic. Also, the lighting system and presentation are quite unique. There are two floors and seating is there on both levels. Once you are inside, you will understand the reason behind the name ‘Biryani Blues’. All Biryanis come with salad nd Raita. Chicken 65 has always been my first choice to order. Veg Biryani Premium is good. Similarly, Chicken Biryani Regular is also a must try. Veg Korma is a nice preparation. Overall, Biryani Blues is quite a popular outlet right in the heart of Connaught Place.

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