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Binary Physics A Fabulous Book From An Israeli Physics Researcher

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Binary Physics A Fabulous Book From An Israeli Physics Researcher Josef Zilberberg. In fact, Josef has a graduate degree in Law from Tel Aviv University. In addition, he is Masters in Education from the University of Derby, England. As a matter of fact, he has a great connect with Children. Because that is the area that drives him to do a lot in this field. He has done a fantastic work on the development of inventive thinking in children. Probably he is one of the assets to the society doing a substantial work for the development of children. He owns a network of tutorials for children. The name of this network is “After School” and this is the largest network in Israel with around 1000 employees. In fact, this network is a framework for many to research and contribute.

Binary Physics

Getting an inspiration from “After School”, Josef has a tremendously successful and popular program “Galileo” to his credit. In fact, this program is the basis of developing inventive thinking in children. Amazingly, this program is so popular that it is in practice in Israeli schools for more than a decade now. Despite doing graduation in Law, Josef’s roots in physics and mathematics are quite strong. Because in high school, his brilliance was quite prominent in these two subjects. That is the origin of this fabulous book Binary Physics. If you are a physics expert or a physics enthusiast, this book is for you. The researcher has done a fantastic work in describing a phenomenal theory that presents every physical concept into binary language. And he does it on the basis of “Time Resolution”.

Binary Physics is a unique book in a unique manner

The human brain has a number of limitations as per Binary Physics. It is capable of capturing the timeline only at low resolution. Time Resolution theory suggests that our brain shrinks on the time axis. This is the reason that it takes different patterns of the single elementary particle as a single unit. In fact, to understand it in a better manner, you will have to grab this interesting book.



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