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Biking Queens On A Social Mission Of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao

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Biking Queens is a group of women bikers who are on a special mission. Gender bias is not only a disease in India. In various parts of the world, it keeps raising its venom and every time the victim is none other than a woman or a girl. None of the scientists have been able to discover a medicine to make people free from this disease. Actually, it is a mental sickness. In fact, it clearly denotes the lack of upbringing and education of a child that later develops this disease.  With so many people coming into the grip of this disease, it gradually expands and becomes a societal disease. Under such circumstances, there are many families, girls, and women who keep all their efforts intact to vaccinate soceity against it.

Biking Queens
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Biking Queens is one such group of 50 women motorbike riders from Gujarat. And when Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi meets them in New Delhi to praise their efforts, there is obviously something special about them. The group covering 10,000 km and 13 States/UTs (Union Territories) has been meeting people wherever they go and interacting with them on social themes. The key theme that they mostly talk about is Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao. In addition, they also like to discuss about Swachh Bharat. This 15th August was special for Khardungla in Ladakh when the team of Biking Queens unfurled the tricolor. The Prime Minister is quite appreciative of their efforts and thus was wishing them the best for their efforts.

Biking Queens Is A Mission

As we all know a girl right since her birth has to face partiality in the family. Like education, upbringing, facilities, affection, and food. This descrimination impacts so badly in childhood that they keep suffering neglegence throughout. That is where the efforts by women groups like Biking Queens matters a lot for spreading a message in the soceity. Hope to see more support coming their way from all corners of the country. This is an organization from Surat, Gujarat. An organization with a mission to eradicate something that erodes  the dignity of women in the society.


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