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Bhrigu Mahesh PhD The Return Of Damayanti – Book Review

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Bhrigu Mahesh PhD The Return Of Damayanti by Nisha Singh is a lightweight thriller that might appear so in the beginning. But as you go on it becomes more gripping in terms of characterization and storyline. The author has a good art of storytelling and knows well when to gear up and slow down during the journey of mystery and suspense. At no place driving down the pages, you find yourself out of tune. The story is about a retired senior clerk from Public Works Department Nataraj Bhakti who lives in a village in a joint family living together in a big house having multi floors. Within a short period after his wife Damayanti dies she starts haunting him as a ghost. Nataraj Bhakti is around 60 years of age. At this age, it becomes quite difficult to handle any such kind of situation.

And thus after reaching the breakeven point of his tolerance and fear, Nataraj approaches Bhrigu Mahesh to resolve this mystery for him. Bhrigu Mahesh PhD The Return Of Damayanti is a well-crafted story by Nisha Singh. The development of all the characters evolves in a manner that you get a fair picture of each character of the story. It is quite interesting to learn about various characters as you turn pages. In fact, Sutte, Bhrigu’s assistant is a completely funny entity on his own. You will find quite an interesting conversations between the two at various instances. Besides the two and Nataraj, there are ample characters in the story to engage you and keep your nerves exercising. Though there are many members living in the same house.

Bhrigu Mahesh PhD keeps its mystery intact

But they are able to keep away from each other as Nataraj’s ancestral house is quite huge. Bhrigu and his assistant Sutte come to stay in the same house after Bhrigu accepts Nataraj’s request and invitation to solve this mystery. There they meet at all the other family members and get to know them in person. The ancestral house, in fact, is in the name of many persons like Nataraj, his younger brother Chiranjeev, his younger sister Savita, etc. Nataraj’s elder brother, who is eldest in the family, lives in the city and visits them once in a year. His eldest sister died two years ago. Savita is youngest of all the siblings. So it is Chiranjeev’s family and Savita’s fifteen-year-old son that lives in the same house. The name of the village is Krishna Dwar and has quite a significant heritage value with it.

Then we meet a new character in the story. He is Manjunath Gupta. Manjunath is Nataraj’s childhood friend and belongs to one of the most affluent families in the village. In fact, during their childhood, Manjunath falls in love with Savita but the latter never likes him. Hence she rejects the offer when former’s family approaches latter’s family with their marriage proposal. Later Savita married a man of her own choice and came back to her ancestral home after few years of her marriage declaring the demise of her husband. The mystery takes a number of turns subsequently getting the things to a serious turn. Gradually there are more characters to encounter. It is interesting to see if it is really a haunting by Damayanti after she dies or there is something else to it.

Bhrigu Mahesh PhD is a relaxing story

If it is a gameplay then who would do it and who would be beneficial? When it comes to someone playing tricks in the name of Damayanti, the finger points to many. But then who is the real culprit? What is his or her motive behind it? Is it somebody within the family or someone outside? Or, in fact, it is a real haunting case? How easy it difficult it would become your Bhrigu to resolve this mystery and suspense is interesting to see as you move along this story having a number of climaxes. Though the story of Bhrigu Mahesh PhD The Return Of Damayanti by Nisha Singh is interesting at some moment of time you feel there is some unnecessary lingering of the story this making it a long read of 430 odd pages. Could it not done with half of the pages and making it crisper and shorter?

But then a lot depends on the story, characters, and author. Rather it depends on more of author how much space he or she wants to give to each character and instance. On the other hand, it might be the demand of a character and incidence. Finally, the reader is the best judge. Overall, I find it quite an interesting read with a sense of relaxation.

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