Bharat Yatra Launched Against Child Abuse by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

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Nobel Peace Prize laureate Kailash Satyarthi launches Bharat Yatra against Child Abuse. The yatra or march starts from VIT University, Vellore two days back. It will cover more than 11,000 km crossing 22 states from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. He expresses his sadness on the current situation of our country. The land of saviors has become the land of monsters and rapists as per his statement. A recent survey by an NGO reveals there is a child abuse every two minutes. And every two minutes four children become a target of child trafficking in our country. The situation is really serious. I think we need to have a separate union ministry working dedicatedly with a mission to eradicate it from our soil. On the other hand, it is important for any person to raise an alarm as and when any such incident occurs around him or her.

Bharat Yatra
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Bharat Yatra will cover 11,000 km

Only 15,000 cases are reported while more than double of this figure never come into records. Even then, only in 4% of cases, the culprit gets punishment. While 6% are released without punishments for whatever reasons. And the rest 90% of cases are still pending in the courts. Firstly, bringing all such cases to notice is very important. Secondly, closure of such cases should happen within 15 days. Thirdly, the cases where the culprit is set free without any punishment must have a higher level probe. With all such daunting facts, we talk about missions like ‘Remove Corruption’ and ‘Swachh Bharat’. How is it possible to remove corruption if such culprits get clearance from the courts for lack of evidence or with the help of money or power. And if that is the level of trust, who will report and what will he expect from the judiciary system?

Bharat Yatra Should Create Trust and Empowerment

While Satyarthi urges students to come forward and use social media to report crimes against children, he should also think about a safety mechanism for those who come forward and report. It is good if students break their silence in order to report such cases and safeguard the dignity of their family. But more important is to provide appropriate security in such cases so that the nobody harms them or threatens them to stay silent. Let Bharat Yatra be a mission to create trust and empowerment in the youth of our country. Let fear vanish from the hearts of victims to report an incident as and when it happens. The whole mechanism, in fact, has to be strong enough to create fear in the hearts of culprits and remove fear from the hears of the victims.
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