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BergerXp IndiBlogger Meet Educates On Express Painting By @BergerPaintsInd

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BergerXp is all about Express Painting concept launched by Berger Paints India. Thanks to @IndiBlogger and @BergerPaintsInd for organizing this event. Probably that is the last meet in the series after Kolkata, Bangalore, and Mumbai. The sessions were highly interactive, engrossing, and informative. How many of us were clear about many consumer-centric initiatives from Berger Paints. In fact, a lot of research seems to be done by the organization to understand consumer expectations and pain areas. Because the Express Painting solution is a complete solution catering to all consumer needs. In addition, it also takes care of all their pain areas. BergerXp is all about and end-to-end solution for all kind of house painting needs. Whether it is a wall, a room, or the complete home painting, Berger Paints pays same attention and care to all. Thai is why it is so strong and consumer-friendly. In fact, it is.

#BergerXP IndiBlogger Meet – New Delhi
Pic Source: IndiBlogger
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