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BergerXp IndiBlogger Meet Educates On Express Painting By @BergerPaintsInd

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BergerXp is all about Express Painting concept launched by Berger Paints India. Thanks to @IndiBlogger and @BergerPaintsInd for organizing this event. Probably that is the last meet in the series after Kolkata, Bangalore, and Mumbai. The sessions were highly interactive, engrossing, and informative. How many of us were clear about many consumer-centric initiatives from Berger Paints. In fact, a lot of research seems to be done by the organization to understand consumer expectations and pain areas. Because the Express Painting solution is a complete solution catering to all consumer needs. In addition, it also takes care of all their pain areas. BergerXp is all about and end-to-end solution for all kind of house painting needs. Whether it is a wall, a room, or the complete home painting, Berger Paints pays same attention and care to all. Thai is why it is so strong and consumer-friendly. In fact, it is.

#BergerXP IndiBlogger Meet – New Delhi
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[sociallocker id=”1977″]Painting your house is not an everyday affair. As a matter of fact, few of the prominent pain areas that all of us face are quite common. Firstly, it is difficult to find the right painter. Secondly, time estimate is never accurate. Thirdly, you have to compromise with cleanliness and hygiene. And finally, you never know what will be the solution. Whether it will match with what was promised? Or it will fall short so substantially that you keep feeling sorry about it. Because this is something irreversible. Three factors are very important as far as the painter is concerned. These are sincerity, knowledge, and expertise. The painter you hire might talk big and promise a lot. But at the end of the day, the result could be disastrous.

Sanding Machine


That is where BergerXp comes into the picture. It not only promises to deliver you exactly to your expectations but also saves a lot on various fronts. Firstly, you save money. Secondly, you also save time. Thirdly, you get what you expect. And that too with unmatched quality and delivery. The meet not only enlightened all of us but there were also some fun-filled activities to engage and educate in a practical manner. We started with registration and networking lunch. ‘Just the Beginning’ was more of ice-breaking and warm up session. It was interesting to know about the innovative solutions from Berger Paints India. The Berger Express Painting service is one such innovation to enhance painting process. As is clearly evident that the process of painting for consumers is a very time-consuming activity.

Multipurpose Mixer

And on top of it, there are risks pertaining to health. And in fact, this risk starts with the process but stays even after the process is over. The three aces of BergerXp concept are “Faster, Cleaner, and Better”. This is not only an enriching experience for the consumer but it also benefits the application or painter. The approach is to train and educate the applicators in a formal environment to make them understand consumer expectations. So, on one hand, the consumer gets a world class painting experience. And on the other hand, there are regular upgradations in applicators’ skills. While as a consumer you get a healthy experience without dust, dirt, paint spillage, and time wastage, you also get an excellent finish with no compromise with quality.

Auto Roller


As a matter of fact, you get 40 percent faster results than traditional painting. In addition, you get the services from trained painters for efficient and better painting. Automation is the key. This helps in reducing the time for each painting assigment. There is a series of tools that make your experience hassle-free. The cutting-edge vacuum suction-enabled sanding machine promises to keep your houes dust-free. It also brings uniformity, better coverage and smoothness. In addition, there is no additional cost that you need to shell off to avail these state-of-the-art services. The three fabulous tools are Sanding Machine, Multipurpose Mixer, and Auto Roller. The Sanding Machine makes your enviroment dust-free during the complete process. On the other hand, multipurpose mixer promises quick & hassle-free mixing, regulated speeds, and uniform mixing. Finally, Auto Roller is an adjustable roller. It offers automatic paint pumping, superior finish, and complete satisfaction.

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Finally, If you still have a question about BergerXp experience or journey, you can leave a comment here. I would be eager to reply to your queries.[/sociallocker]

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