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Being A Project Manager by Hamutal Weisz and Daniel Zitter

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Being a Project Manager: Planning The Project by Hamutal Weisz and Daniel Zitter is a short yet powerful book. It is quite useful not only for aspiring project managers but professionals also. In fact, in 112 pages of this book project managers find a lot of useful tips to enhance their path. As a matter of fact, project management methodologies and practices are critical for project managers to understand and adhere to. The book is useful to guide project managers handling project of any size. Since the focus of this book lies on the foundations of project management that are planning, control, and communication, it is able to empower project managers handling any kind of projects. In fact, the book does not talk about any particular methodology or practice.

Being A Project Manager


Being a Project Manager talks about corresponding methods and tools to help in making project management easier to implement. Of course, improvement has no end. In fact, there is always a scope of improvement. That is where this book becomes quite handy. Because the methods that this book describes are good enough to walk in this direction. It helps in enhancing project management skills for any kind of project of any size. Thus, if you are a project manager, grab this book in order to get certain tips and clues to sharpen your project management skills.

Being A Project Manager Is A Quick Guide

The cover of Being A Project Manager is fabulous and rightly indicative. It displays end product as a bread or bun showing all the key ingredients that are responsible to reach that stage of successful closure of a project. The correlation is quite simple yet important to understand. As flour is to bread, planning is to project. Hence, if there is no planning, a project is bound to fail. Similarly, Yeast indicates control. And water as one of the key ingredient of bread indicates communication. That covers the complete mechanism of project management emphasizing the importance of planning, control, and communication.



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