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Barcelos Gurgaon Restaurant Review An Ideal Place for Casual Dining

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Barcelos Gurgaon in sector 29 is ideally at the perfect location – the food hub of Gurgaon. It is easily accessible, comfortable and offers fantastic food. An ideal place for casual dining, Barcelos Gurgaon offers Portuguese and African food. I love variance in taste and food and hence found this place fitting among the top choices where I would love to visit frequently. There are so many factors to love this place. First, it’s accessibility. Quite near to the highway, it is easier to reach whether you are coming from Delhi, Manesar, or otherwise from within Gurgaon city.

The eating joint stands tall among so many other restaurants around with its unique offering of recipes and foods that none around offering. That makes it different from others. I loved the two side entrance concept at Barcelos Gurgaon. You can come either from the roadside and enter the restaurant, or get inside the road, park your vehicle in front of the restaurant. Parking is not a problem if you plan to visit here.


Great seating concept and ambiance I found at Barcelos Gurgaon. You have an option of sitting inside or outside. And if you decide to sit inside, you can either go downstairs in the basement or sit at the level 0, where you enter the restaurant. It is a big place to accommodate a large number of families and at the same time ensuring to keep your privacy and enjoyment intact. You get personalized attention from the staff who are well trained to provide best of service and hospitality. Select your seat as per your comfort, as you find a wide range of seating patterns and arrangements.

Barcelos Gurgaon A Nice Place to Dine

As far as food is concerned, it is fabulous. If was living around Barcelos Gurgaon, I would ensure to visit it at least once a week. I tried many items and found every item having its own signature taste. The food was sumptuous towards every aspect. We started with cool drinks – tangy mango, kiwi cooler, and fresh lime soda. While you wait you can order Mezze Platter, Peri Peri Nuts while continuing your cool sipping. In Appetizers, we had Peri Peri Paneer Kababs, Mediterranean Grilled Mushroom Skewers, and Peri Peri Wings. In Main Course, we had Peri Peri Chicken, Chicken Trinchado with Rice, Veg Trinchado with Rice, and Falafa Pita with Dips. Rice and chicken were fabulous and so was Falafas. The variety of dips were more than enough to rejuvenate the taste buds. Finally, in Desserts, we had Tiramisu and Cheese Cakes, in a couple of rounds.

So overall, Barcelos Gurgaon is a superb place to visit, dine, party, enjoy with your family, extended family, and friends; and satisfy your taste buds with its signature Portuguese and African food. This place is added in my ‘must visit again’ restaurants.

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