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Balraj By Manoj V Jain – The Best Way To Find Oneself Is To Lose

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Balraj by Manoj V Jain is about an eternal journey. In fact, it is a journey of a full circle of life. The story begins with the central character Inder but soon shifts to Balraj. It takes a lot of energy and courage to become Balraj. Some might feel it a story of escapism. Inder is working as a part of senior management of a corporate and leading a successful career. His wife, Ramona, runs workshops and training in cookery. Shourya, their only son finishes his studies and joins a company in Bangalore. While Inder and Ramona are in Mumbai, Ameeta, Inder’s sister lives in Pune. Ramona doesn’t go well with Inder’s parents, especially his mother. And that becomes the primary reason for Inder’s parents shifting to Pune to stay with Ameeta. Ameeta has no problem in taking care of her ailing father at her home.

Balraj By Manoj V Jain

Everything is fine apparently except something disturbing Inder time and again. In fact, he is not sure the exact reason of this uneasiness that keeps raising its head in his mind. To find the reason behind this mental turmoil, he decides to take a serious decision. Without even bothering how much this decision would cost him in person, his wife, his son, his parents, his job, and his sister. But then he decides to listen to his heart and goes for it. Thus begins a new journey for him. A journey of new learning. In fact, it becomes a journey of unfolding. Because of this unfolding, he is able to unshackle the child within. And a greater learning comes that the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself. During his journey in Balraj, he meets a number of interesting people. He also touches the new meaning of success.

Balraj by Manoj V Jain is a journey

Balraj by Manoj V Jain is an experimental writing. It is a kind of story that keeps reader probing within. And many a time you, as a reader, will find an Inder in you craving to become Balraj. The two key characters are just extreme in many ways. While Inder is confident and successful, he is confused about the purpose of life and happiness. On the other hand, Balraj is carefree and open to new learning and challenges. I would say, it is a journey of knowledge to wisdom. A journey that takes you from inner restlessness to inner calmness. Balraj, in fact, is an interesting read.

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