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Auronya College Aims To Answer The Unknown Future With Education 4.0

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Auronya College aims to break the barriers to imbibe revolutionary means of providing global standard education to the youth. It is an amalgamation of modern education without any compromise. That is Education 4.0 that will become a new paradigm in education for others in the industry. It is a kind of revolution in imparting education in India. Rather it will set a landmark for other players to follow and evolve the same way. In a way, this revolutionary mechanism will create an innovative methodology to define education in a new manner. As it says, it will define education in the coming decades. Through the conduit of technology while infusing itself into every sphere of humanity. Be it biological, social, environmental, or economic. That means Auronya College at Pondicherry is the beginning of a new era in the education system in India.

When so many powers unite to bring something good on the planet, success itself craves to come their way. There are so many innovative, revolutionary, and creative minds as part of the leadership team of Auronya College. Meeting Abhaya Kumar Jain, Founding Executive Chairman, and Dr. Indira J Parikh, Founding Chairperson were quite enlightening moments. It was good to know their ideas and thoughts to understand what it is going to create in the education spectrum in India. It is something which is happening for the first time with an aim to answer the unknown future. And how is it going to happen? It will happen by providing an all-encompassing curriculum of programs to impart Education 4.0. It is a unique disruptive system. The emphasis is not only on What To Teach but it aims to take in a more scientific manner in the way it is going to happen.

Auronya College Launches Education 4.0

In fact, Education 4.0 by Auronya College is a different education model where alignment with future is of prime concern. The development and education of a learner here will happen in an individualized manner to align him or her well with the way of tomorrow work and life. Hence, mixing this future-centric knowledge process with the high-end technology along with a strong curriculum aims to imbibe timeless values and culture in an individual. Moreover, it throws light on out connections to nature, thus carving a strong journey to lead humanity. Architect Padmashri B V Doshi is the real designer of this state-of-the-art college. The campus will have exclusive amenities like Virtual & Augmented Reality Studios, 3D printing lab, think spaces, smart classrooms, amphitheater, gymnasium, swimming pool, sports facilities, etc.

There are six departments in Auronya College. These are School of Design & Sciences, School of Humanities & Arts, School of Business & Economics, School of Social Sciences, School of Research & Intelligence, and School of Media and Communication.

The event marks the launch of Antariksh, one-year PG diploma in New Age Management & Leadership (PGDNAML). This exclusive program will debut in October 2017. Antariksh aims to prepare Future Leaders who will lead in the 4th Industrial revolution. It focuses mainly on exhaustive transformation and not a single direction improvement in the skills and abilities of a new world manager in the interconnected ecosystem. The introductory fee for this year-long program is INR 15,00,000 which includes resort style accommodation and vegetarian food.

Auronya College Bring Paradigm Shift in Education System

Speaking at the event, Abhaya Kumar, Founding Executive Chairman, Auronya College says, “Auronya College aims to bring a paradigm shift in the education system to align ourselves with the fourth industrial revolution by redesigning the 20th century model of education to meet real-time needs of internationalized, technology driven fast changing 21 st century. Auronya is built with a foundation of creation and contribution embracing the spirit of liberal education, invention, intelligence, globalization and entrepreneurship.”

Speaking about Auronya, Dr.Indira Parikh Founding Chairperson, Auronya College says, “This millennium has created a major discontinuity in the existence of human beings. The generation born in this decade and those yet to be born will be confronting a revolution in technology. And as a consequence in the life and living and relationships amongst people. Education and employment will undergo change not available in the history of mankind. In order to meet the unfolding of this New Age Change, the country needs to prepare an education. Which will be a real agent for the times and meaningful to the generation of students. The country will also need to prepare leaders who will take the responsibility. To shape this change in a most dignifies human manner.”

Auronya College Is About New Age Management & Leadership

“AURONYA is one such academic institution which is starting a pioneering Post Graduate Program in New Age Management and Leadership. In fact, the courses offered at AURONYA are designed based on the technology just in the making, impact of technology in occupation, at work, in the family and the human existence. Rather, these are courses which are futuristic and envisaged how the world will be shaped by these technologies. Education at AURONYA will prepare students to be ready with domain knowledge of BioSciences, Nano Technology, Digitisation and similar other subjects. When these technologies emerge there will be students ready with knowledge and clarity of taking the leadership roles. They will all be ready to respond to the changes in the human phenomenon. So that people can cope with and give shape to these changes.” adds Dr. Indira.

Anuj Sharma, Founding Dean, Auronya says, “Auronya’s learning environment is designed to infuse human connection with nature and harmony while immersing the experience with future technologies. At Auronya, knowledge, and technology represents the “What” while human insights represent the “Why.”

In fact, Auronya College is committed to expanding its learning universe in the coming years for unique programs. Like,  Undergraduate, Masters and Post Graduate programs.”

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