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Apne Tareeke Se Healthy In 2030 #ApneTareekeSeHealthy

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I am just 13. We are living in 2030. Lifespans have become shorter and complex. This is all due to my parents and others like them. When I was born in 2017, there were a lot of warnings coming from scientists and Nature Researchers. But nobody had time to pay heed to those. And they had to pay for it subsequently. In fact, it is a heavy price that not only they are paying. As a matter of fact, all the coming generations will have to pay for that silly piece of ignorance. Rather, that one mistake by the whole humanity has become the biggest crime of the time. We were at risk at that time due to our natural resources falling drastically. On the other hand, population across the globe was increasing at an exponential rate. None were worrying about the over-consumption of natural resources.

Apne Tareeke Se Healthy But How?

It is now all guilt, shame, and no-way-out kind of situation. We are all at a heavy risk now. Even the global warming has become a phenomenon. At 13, I have to struggle a lot to stay healthy. I can’t expose any part of my skin when I am outside. Whether it is day or night, our skin is at risk. We read that there was an Ozone Layer a few years back. It is non-existent now. Direct Sunrays impact our skin drastically and we start getting different color spots on our skin. During night time there is a new layer in our atmosphere that sucks oxidants and minerals from our skin. The whole body cover is a must now to move out. That is why we can’t walk outside. Walking is a concept of past. We have to come out of our house in a battery vehicle.

Apne Tareeke Se Healthy And Future

Apne Tareeke Se Healthy
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Water is a scarcity. So is food. We have capsules for food and water. These come in various flavors. But these cost a lot. Hence, we have to be very cautious while consuming those. In fact, this generation is so fearful that they intentionally think of not taking it any further. People, animals, resources are all shrinking on the earth. Hardly 25% of the earth is now livable. Rest all has become a danger zone. 80% of the people living on the earth are just researching on nature and natural resources. They are trying to find out if there is a possibility to revive earth back to its healthy state. Nobody is a culprit of this situation and everybody is a victim. Whom to blame?

Apne Tareeke Se Healthy Is A Dream Now

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.

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