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Anothers Child by Einat Danon Is All About Relationship and Parenthood

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Anothers Child by Einat Danon is an intriguing story. The central character of the story is Noa, a 10-year-old girl whose life passes through a major turmoil when her real parents in Toronto, Canada decide something very indifferent than what any usual parents would do with their child. This is something quite unusual and indifferent because no parents would hand over their daughter to someone at a far off place for her upbringing. The inheritance of Noa transfers to Yael and Arif Katz in Israel. All of a sudden, one fine day, the Israeli couple finds Noa at their doorstep. It happens quite unexpectedly and unalarming. And then they remember that Noa is the daughter their friends in Canada. In fact, they had to recall their memory about a will-exchange agreement they had made a long time back with Noa’s parents.

Anothers Child

Anothers Child by Einat Danon starts with a big surprise for Noa as well as Yael and Arif. Many questions will arise in reader’s mind because of this. Why would any parents send their daughter to grow up with someone quite unfamiliar to her rather than family? Moreover, how a couple unknown to Noa would be able to raise her not even knowing her at all. And, in fact, that start of the story creates a big amount of curiosity in the mind of its readers right in the beginning. Rather it becomes a mystery, in a way, to solve. Hence, an immediate connect establishes with Noa and readers of the story. What is the secret behind this, is all anybody would like to understand. The book, in a way, is a good learning point about parenting, relationship, and minute intricacies of life.

Anothers Child is an Intriguing Story

The young girl Noa, on the other hand, is not able to adjust herself in Israel. Therefore, Yael decides to take her back to Toronto in order to find a better home for Noa. And that is where you start coming across a series of questions to understand the crux of the matter. In fact, Yael, while trying to understand it, faces many truths that she was not aware of at all. In fact, something comes on the surface about her own partner that she would think of in her life. There are a number of serious turns and twists in the story of Anothers Child by Einat Danon that would keep you intact right until the last page of the book.


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