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AnnaMaya – Andaz Delhi: A Great Breakfast Trending Conscious Living @annamayadelhi

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Andaz Hotels by Hyatt are luxury boutique hotels with three key focus areas. These include sophisticated style, local cuisine, and deep social connections. The last point you will understand clearly only when you visit the hotel especially AnnaMaya. While you are having buffet breakfast in the restaurant, the staff is more than eager to tell you the story and culture of AnnaMaya. The name comes from two words. Anna symbolizes food. And Maya means magic. So it becomes magical food here. And why not so? It has to be. Because it is returning a lot back to the deserving society in a meaningful way. The primary focus stays on helping the neighboring communities in one way or the other. And hence the menus revolve around local artisanal products. All the products must be made in India to empower people and place. Fabulous, right?



You must read this fabulous story about AnnaMaya here. When the mission is so strong, a great food experience automatically comes. The stories of artisans are quite interesting. And so is about the organic food. Most of the food comes from organic farms. And it is the most deserving segment of the society that the management chooses for procurement.  You can read these interesting stories here. In fact, the restaurant is in the shape of alphabet Z. The end of the bottom line is the entry point to the restaurant. The middle line is straight instead of a tilt. And the beginning of the upper line is actually the end point of the restaurant.


AnnaMaya Restaurant Andaz Hotel Aerocity

The menu at AnnaMaya has five main components. These are Food Hall, Tijara Organic Farm, Micro Green Farm, Beverages, and Bar. Don’t forget to see the Micro Green Farm. It is within the restaurant. And it is a fabulous concept, in fact. In my buffet breakfast, I had extra Cheese and Mushroom Omelet from the live kitchen. It was really juicy and sumptuous. Another worth mentioning dish is Rawa Masala Dosa. Even you can order Parathas from another live counter. Overall, it is a fabulous experience at AnnaMaya. It not only promises you a great breakfast but also narrates you the noble cause behind the food you eat.

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