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An Ode to Shimla by Sanjeev Bansal – A True Romance With Nature

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An Ode to Shimla by Sanjeev Bansal is a true romance with nature. The rafting of verses is so beautiful that it will set your heart to a different tone. The moment you start reading Night of Sleeping Beauty, the first poem, you get a mesmerizing effect. The connect straight goes to your heart. And you stay in tune throughout. Overall there are 54 poems. These poems take you back to Keats and Shelly days. In fact, the style of poetry in The Ode to Shimla by Sanjeev Bansal resembles Native English poets. The poems are fresh, scintillating and full of natural fragrance. Poems talk of love that is beyond any definition of love. There is full praise of nature. And ultimately, the poet emerges as a true lover of nature. Poet’s love towards the beauty of hills and waterfalls is infinite.

An Ode to Shimla is a fabulous journey

An Ode to Shimla is a collection of poems that are full of imagination. This imagination is so beautifully driven through every verse of each poem. All his love is fully devoted to the hilly terrains of Shimla. And it goes endless. There is no deviation in it. As if the whole life is nothing but this. Everything starts here. And everything ends here. While reading these lovely poems one can easily sense a lot of effort that poet has put into carving and crafting these heart-touching verses. In fact, the book fits well to be a part of your personal library. Unlike a story book or a novel, these poems never lose their freshness. Each poem can be read again and again. And every time you will find a newer meaning of life, beauty, and nature. Rather these are so energizing and refreshing.

If I have to rate An Ode to Shimla, it can only be 5 on a scale of 5. In fact, the beauty of these verses can’t be explained in words. It is beyond that. Just read the poems and feel them flowing within. And refreshing you with a different kind of energy. I have read such a beautiful poetry after a long time.

An Ode to Shimla by Sanjeev Bansal

Finally, here is a small excerpt from An Ode to Shimla:

I’m waiting thy curtain of interweaving silk,

To unfurl before me, to unfold before me,

To hear her words of wisdom divines,

“My Swain, now see how thy Queen Look,

How blazing and beautiful I’m”

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  1. Thanks a lot Mr. Jaideep Khanduja for such a valuable & heart filling words.
    ~Sanjeev Bansal
    (Writer & Poet)

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