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AIFWAW17 Day 2 Photo Coverage Amazon India Fashion Week #AIFWAW17

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AIFWAW17 or Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2017 is one of the largest fashion shows in India. In fact, its most wide coverage and participation say it all. Almost all the prominent fashion designers are participating in the show. It is not only India, there are many designers who are here to showcase their work from all across the globe. Above all, who will not want to be the start of the show. Rather, it has been a galaxy of so many star designers so far. After all, every designer’s work speaks about their individuality, hard work, and innovation. In my previous post, I walk you through various designers work mostly from Day 1. Here come the glimpses of day 2 of AIFWAW17. All through photo walk.

Because I feel, in fashion, art, and design, it is the work that says it all. Rather, you don’t need to explain anything. Your choice of models, the ascendance of work display, and design makes it all clear to every fashion enthusiast. And you don’t need to add words to it. That is what is happening at AIFWAW17 in Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (or JLN Stadium) in New Delhi, as you know it.

Among all designers above, it is really difficult to say who is the best. Because everyone has a different style. Firstly they all seem to carry a fire in their belly. Secondly, this, AIFWAW17, is the perfect for them to showcase their talent. Thirdly, it gives them a window to get a right kind of exposure. Fourthly, they are able to see the excellent work by felllow designers. And finally, they build relationship and connect. Overall, this is a great event.


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