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Agni V The Long Range Surface-to-Surface Ballistic Missile

Yesterday was a proud moment for the whole country when Ministry of Defence declares the successful test flight of Agni V. It is the Long Range Surface-to-Surface Ballistic Missile. This was a successful flight testing by DRDO. The flight testing is done yesterday successfully from Dr. Abdul Kalam Island, Odisha. As a matter of fact, the full range test flight of Agni V missile is a great boosting factor for the whole country. The country thus strengthens its expertise in the indigenous missile capabilities. In fact, there is a tremendous boost to the deterrence level of the country. There were comprehensive tracking and monitoring of the flight performance through All the Radars, tracking systems and Range Stations meeting all the Mission objectives successfully.

Agni V

This was the 4th test of the Agni V missile and the second one from a Canister on a Road Mobile Launcher. All the four missions have been successful. As a matter of fact, this is the 4th test of the Agni V missile. And also, the second one from a Canister on a Road Mobile Launcher. In fact, the best part is that all the four missions have been completely successful.

Agni V is the Long Range Ballistic Missile

On this occasion, soon after the successful test flight by Defence Research and Development Organization, there was a fluent stream of congratulatory notes from all across the nation. The President of India, Pranab Mukherjee congratulated DRDO for the successful test flight of Agni V. In his message to Dr. S. Christopher, Secretary, Department of Defence Research & Development & Director General, DRDO, the President says, ” I extend hearty congratulations to all those associated with the successful test-firing of India’s indigenous Agni-V. I am happy to know that a number of new technologies have been incorporated in this version. Today’s test demonstrates our advanced capabilities. Kindly convey my felicitations to the members of your team of scientists, engineers, and all others involved in this effort. Our nation is grateful for their hard work and proud of their accomplishment”.

Agni V

Also, the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi congratulated DRDO on successful test-firing of Agni-V. He says, “Successful test firing of Agni V makes every Indian very proud. It will add tremendous strength to our strategic defense. The successful test-firing of Agni V is the result of the hard work of DRDO and its scientists. I congratulate them”

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