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A Universal Storm by Gershon Shevach A Bouquet of Suspense and Thrill

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Sometimes apparently what looks like a prominent reason behind a chaos is not in actual. You go in depth and find out another reason behind that. And later that also is not the real one. So another level of probing starts that leads to another reason. Despite a huge advancement in technology and science we still don’t get the absolute truth every time we seek. A Universal Storm by Gershon Shevach is a very interesting fiction adventure revolving around a number of revealing mysteries. The story begins with a power outage at a largest possible scale to bring down the complete electric and communication systems across the globe. Obviously, such a chaos can’t happen on its own. There has to be a substantial cause behind it. Imagine the whole world into darkness and not a single mechanism of communication working. It is definitely prone to cause a huge chaos.

A Universal Storm

In A Universal Storm by Gershon Shevach the reason for this chaos hints towards a series of explosions in Tel Aviv to Paris. Whose plot is this? And what is the backdrop of that plot? An Israeli journalist initiates finding out the trigger behind this chaos. In his bid, he starts discovering a series of revolutions behind it. Obviously, in such a huge chaos like this happening at such a large scale, there would be many global and local agencies probing the matter. The Israeli Journalist is in Paris when this incident occurs. It is the midsummer season in Europe. He is here for another reason. And the reason is to report on Eran’s entry into the port La Havre from Israel. It is quite provoking to report his nineteen-day voyage on a small boat that Eran was sailing. The boat works only on wind energy.

A Universal Storm Full OF Adventure, Drama, Suspense, and Thrill

Right after encountering this crisis the Israeli Journalist instincts suggest it is a massive terrorist attack in France. And therefore he plans to sail back to Israel along with Eran. Upon reaching Israel, the journalist discovers his best friend Kalman is no more. Kalman dies in a mysterious explosion at a ceremony while getting an award at a newspaper office. In fact, this is just a beginning of a number of astonishing discoveries in A Universal Storm by Gershon Shevach. The book is a must-read for people who love reading adventure, drama, suspense, and thrill.

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