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A Flying Jatt Movie Preview With Tiger Shroff and Jacqueline Fernandez

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It was a nice meeting with the lead cast of A Flying Jatt. Tiger Shroff, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Nathan Jones were sitting so close to us while we were discussing their upcoming movie A Flying Jatt. Nathan is more than double the height of Tiger. In fact, Tiger and Jacqueline were looking human toys in front of Nathan. Being a professional wrestler, Nathan is also quite broad in shape. Rather it would take at least five Tiger Shroff to cover Nathan. Jacqueline looks cute. But probably is very conscious about her posture while sitting. In fact, you will find her mostly looking on her right. But she has some constraint in sitting straight. My camera was trying hard to capture her while she is looking straight.

Nathan was chewing a gum all the time. And he has a smile on his face all the time. Tiger looks quite innocent and childish in appearance. Otherwise, he is quite matured when he talks. But in the movie A Flying Jatt, it is different. Nathan is playing a villain’s role. And you will not find him smiling. On the other hand, Tiger has to appear stronger and more powerful than Nathan. The movie is releasing on 25 August. In fact, you must listen to the lovely replies given by Tiger and Jacqueline when asked about the movie. Here it is:

A Flying Jatt – Close Interaction with lead actors

Tiger was asked about his role in the movie. While the second journalist asked both about some backstage remembrances. And the answers were quite interesting. As a matter of fact, each movie is a unique project for the artists.

Well, as Tiger said above, there is a lot of fun, action, drama, and dance in the movie. The songs of A Flying Jatt were played and all the three actors danced on the music. Tiger’s steps are quite impressive though not as astonishing as his idol Hrithik Roshan.

The story goes like this. Tiger is a Jatt in the movie. Amrita Singh plays his mother’s role. Tiger is a superhero having some superpowers. He can fly on his will. But on the other hand, he fears from heights. So even he can fly, he can’t go to a height because of this fear. Finally what makes him come out of this fear, is interesting to watch. Overall, A Flying Jatt is a family movie. Kids will enjoy this movie a lot.

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