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a cupful of Aha! by anandaa: Death Redefined: More Beautiful Than Life

A Cupful of Aha! by Anandaa published by Become Shakespeare is not a book of merely 54 pages. It is a long journey where you will feel yourself experiencing a firsthand experience of this beautiful but shocking journey. This is a journey that everyone has to travel once in life and this is for sure – no more, no less. The journey is of death that is the last bit of every life and there is no escape from it.
a cupful of Aha! by anandaa

A cupful of Aha! is a must read for everyone and anyone. Age no bar! Quite interesting for any age! Equally serious, introspective and intriguing; this book tackles all queries about death – what happens after death. It also tells not to fear from the end. As the end is a new beginning. It is a philosophy of life that touches your heart and mind and beyond at many instances during the journey. The book is also very crisply and concisely teaches about the real meaning of life by death itself.

a cupful of Aha! by anandaa

Probably after reading A cupful of Aha!, the reader would have a new insight about life. The way of living. About love. About death. And about everything we keep doing during our lifetime. Don’t shy away of getting emotional while reading. And let your eyes getting tearful sometime during this different kind of beautiful journey.

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