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A Chance To Fly – A Tweet From You Can Make A Child Smile

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We often want to do something that will spread happiness and seldom don’t do it because we feel it will take a lot of efforts. One of the things that I love is spreading smiles and have tried to do my bit whichever way possible. While I was just looking for more opportunities which will just make me add minimal efforts, I came across this campaign called #AChanceToFly. The name caught my attention, and I wanted to know more about it. Since it mentioned children from underprivileged backgrounds and that anyone can help them smile, it got me excited. I am sharing this with you; maybe you can do your bit too. So, what would you want to gift a child? The best gift would be a smile, wouldn’t it? You might be wondering, can you gift a child a smile?

Of course, you can! And in fact, you don’t need to pay anything for this. No donation, no money, nothing. But still, you can be the reason of gifting a chance to fly to an innocent face. Let us participate in Birla Sun Life’s campaign #AChanceToFly. And what a noble cause this is. As a matter of fact, Birla Sun Life has just launched this campaign. And I am sure; you will readily accept to be a part of the ‘A Chance To Fly’ initiative. In fact, who will not like to help with spreading joy?

A Chance To Fly

Yes, it asks for nothing. You just need to tweet with the hashtag #AChanceToFly to be the reason behind a child’s smile. A chance to fly, in fact, is just about tweeting your thoughts. You need to tell what it would take to make these children’s world better and happier. The campaign is all about giving wings to their dreams. We have so many dreams for our loved ones and would have much more for this world to be a better place. Time to pour them all out! With each tweet the size of the balloon increases.  And once the tweets fill the balloon outline, the children will be taken on a hot air balloon ride. So it is just a tweet to add joy into lives of children.

While you remember a lot of other things in life, don’t forget to gift #AChanceToFly to a child. Because it is always good to spread love and happiness in life. It always returns in manifold like all other good deeds in life. Therefore tweet with the hashtag #AChanceToFly and gift a chance to fly to a child. You will, in fact, feel fulfilled and satisfied by giving something worth to someone. And that too with no big effort from your end.

When it comes to dreams and goals, everyone has them that they want to fulfil. The only thing you need is a smart planning to make them real. However once in a while, a simple tweet is all it takes to make someone’s life a happy place too. Others are doing their part, you too can join in.

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