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5th Floor Below by Menahem Misgav A Futuristic Science Thriller

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5th Floor Below by Menahem Misgav is a futuristic science suspense thriller. The story revolves around Captain Dr. Naama Kashti who is an Israeli physicist. She is young and beautiful. Working in a military research facility along with a number of scientists, she is working on a very high-level project. The project is about space research. This research facility is on the top of Mount Carmel in Haifa. During her research, she finds something that is scientifically astonishing and beyond expectation. Thus she seeks a discussion with her previous mentor Major Dr. Oved Shukrun who works on the sixth floor below ground level. On examining the results under the microscope the same amount of disbelief and amazement is visible on Dr. Oved’s face.

5th Floor Below by Menahem Misgav

5th Floor Below by Menahem Misgav starts with a high-level suspense. The story begins with the discovery of an unbelievable substance that could make you undergo lengthy life cycles at a faster pace. In fact, for the first time in their life, that leaves the two scientists without relying on scientific answers. As a matter of fact, this was a finding that could cause the reversal of the universe. This was, in fact, a finding that was completely unexplainable. Both are so puzzled that they decide to contact Professor McMichael who teaches at Houston University. Because he is the man who has an in-depth knowledge on the subject of connection between germs and metals.

5th Floor Below by Menahem Misgav Is About Unimaginable Discovery

5th Floor Below by Menahem Misgav brings forth an absorbing story that will drive you through various phases of futuristic science and an unimaginable discovery. The moment this information leaks a lot of agencies become stakeholders to it. It involves media, government, and some miscreants who want to take unwanted advantage of this discovery related to eternal life. In fact, it is interesting to read the turmoils it is prone to bring to the world.



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