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5G Experience Day To Witness Technical Breakthrough in Berlin

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5G Experience Day in Berlin, Germany on October 12, 2017, will witness a series of technical breakthroughs. In addition, there will be multiple innovative applications launch. One of those would be something about advance 5G development from Deutsche Telekom (DT) and Huawei. Their 5G: haus innovation partnership plans to make the standard a global success. We are talking about the recent development in regard with “Deutsche Telekom and Huawei Go Live with Europe’s First 5G Connection”. In collaboration with Huawei, Deutsche Telekom (DT) announces Europe’s first 5G connection on the latest 3GPP standard. That means, Deutsche Telekom network in Germany is 5G ready. And the credit goes to Huawei for this fabulous achievement. In central Berlin, DT’s commercial network is up with a 5G connection. The connection is over two gigabits per second (2 Gbps) and a low latency of three milliseconds over a 3.7 gigahertz (GHz) spectrum link.

5G Experience Day
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A lot will happen until the launch of 5G Experience Day the way things are happening. The deployment on commercial sites is the first in Europe. It, in fact, marks an important achievement in the global development of 5G. The whole setup is powered by Huawei user equipment using 3GPP specifications for 5G New Radio (NR). Claudia Nemat, Deutsche Telekom Board member for Technology and Innovation says, “5G new radio will be critical for meeting our customers’ ever-increasing connectivity requirements that are steadily growing with more and more network connections. Our achievement demonstrates the feasibility of our plans to deliver a superior, new customer experience.”

<h2>5G Experience Day on October 12, 2017</h2>

Taihua Deng, President Wireless Network, Huawei, says, “A long-time partners, both Deutsche Telekom Group and Huawei join hands to successfully test 5G NR equipment in field environments based on the latest 3GPP R15 standards. These achievements highlight the capabilities of the 5G NR equipment to meet operators’ requirements for addressing new business opportunities for end users. Huawei is confident that the partnership with Deutsche Telekom can fully prepare the commercial launch of 5GNR services in Europe by 2020 thanks to 3GPP standardization efforts.”

Of course, on a parallel note, a lot of other things also would be happening for the 5G Experience Day. The implementation is live in central Berlin using Huawei equipment. Pre-standard 5G that closely tracks the 3GPP global standard for so-called ‘Non-Standalone New Radio’ is the basis for software. What it indicates is that with the Non-Standalone 5G NR mode for enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) use-case, the connection anchors in LTE. While to boost data-rates and reduce latency it uses the 5G NR carriers. Hence, the evolution of 4G LTE as the baseline for wide-area broadband coverage form the basis of 5G new radio. By December 2017, the specifications enabling that system will be complete. It will bundle as part of the first drop of 3GPP Release 15.

<h3>5G Experience Day will bring a number of innovative success stories</h3>

That is not all. 5G Experience Day will bring forth many such success stories. The characteristics of 5G New Radio make it ideal to meet the sub 6 GHz mid-band needs for 5G applications that will require mobility support, wide-area coverage, as well as multi-gigabit throughput speeds and millisecond low latency. Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, CTO, Deutsche Telekom says, “With this real-world achievement, Deutsche Telekom is making its first important step towards a 5G network launch. When the standard is defined, we will trial it in 2018 to prepare the ground for a wider deployment of commercial sites and the offering of devices for the mass market as they become available.”

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