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5 Whiskey Recipes #SimplyWellMade and #WorthAShot

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Simplicity is the key when I plan to talk about these 5 Whiskey recipes. These are simply well made and are worth a shot. In fact, I would like to dedicate these recipes to someone who loves the quality in every aspect of life. Because it is always important to have enough of the fun element in life so as to make it smooth and lively. Then only then I would be able to bring happiness and quality in life. Golfer’s Shot is a perfect match for me because I love to bring special moments in my smallest of celebrations. It is because of the fabulous taste and smoky kink that these 5 whiskey recipes are the best bet to deliver a promising experience. As a matter of fact, such innovation and experimentation suit new-age and millennials well.

So would you join me in giving it a try with a whiskey of your choice? Like, I prefer Golfer’s Shot for my experimentation and innovation for various recipes.

I prefer to experiment and innovate my recipes for some good reasons. Firstly, to enhance the quality of taste and a unique flavor. Secondly, to bring a different sense of achievement. Something near to perfection and excellence. My five Golfer’s Shot whiskey recipes range from appetizers to desserts including some main course items. Let us start:

Recipe No. 1: Whiskey Puchkas

My first recipe is Whiskey Puchkas. To make it, I would just add a spoon of my favorite Golfer’s Shot whiskey in each puchka along with the regular fillings. It will definitely change your definition of Puchkas. Each Whiskey Puchka will give you not only a wonderful taste but also a small pack of fun.

Recipe No. 2: Ginger, Lemon Iced Tea with a punch of Whiskey

The second recipe is about rich colour and intense character that my favorite Golfer’s Shot brings in. I am talking about Ginger, Lemon Iced Tea with a punch of Whiskey. It gives an amazing taste and relief. It is a cocktail but with a difference. Though I tried with many other brands but no other whiskey gives me a better taste. It is all about the perfection. There is a right match for taste, colour, and flavour that comes only with Golfer’s Shot. Just enjoy your iced tea at a slower pace. Don’t rush to finish it.


Recipe No. 3: Whiskey Vanilla Cake

My next recipe is Whiskey Vanilla Cake. I often prepare cake at home. If it is Vanilla, Chocolate, or Strawberry I use around 60 ml of Golfer’s Shot in the cake mix. In fact, this small addition makes my cake always a class apart. Though I have to check with my guests about this additional ingredient I use. If someone is too particular to be 100% non-alcoholic then he or she would not take it. Otherwise, everyone who tastes it has a plenty of good lines to say about its taste and flavor.

Recipe No. 4: Whiskey Grilled Fish

At times, when you want a slightly different taste in your grilled fish, try adding some whiskey to it while it is on grill. I apply Golfer’s Shot on both sides and let it take its own time to get ready. I prefer to take the slow-grill path and use my food brush to apply whiskey on it at least thrice during the grilling process. Just paint your fish with the rich colour whiskey all around and then grill it. In my case, the smokey kick of Golfer’s Shot brings a fabulous taste to it.

Recipe No. 5: Whiskey Caeser Salad

Finally, this is the final one of the 5 whiskey recipes I am talking about. Recently I tried mixing whiskey in my Caeser Salad. And, in fact, it was a fabulous experimentation. As a mater of fact, it brings superb richness to its taste and presentation. Pour around 30ml of whiskey in Caeser Salad just before it is ready to serve. Mix it properly and enjoy it. Rather, try it yourself and let me know about your experience.

Overall, these 5 whiskey recipes is not the only set of things I do with my favorite Golfer’s Shot. In fact, just try these with your favorite whiskey and you will have a dozen more ideas automatically coming to your mind.

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