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18+ Restaurant Sector 41 Noida Review: Taste is the King Here

In this post, we’re visiting 18+ Restaurant which is in Sector 41, Noida. Let me try to make it a virtual tour. If the taste is king here, ambiance is the queen. Barring space crunch, there are no other constraints. But then who says that to grab best of the foods, you need ample space. The graffitis, posters and decoratives are a class apart. So is the ambiance which is quite energetic. Hospitality is at its peak at 18+ Restaurant. So is the smell of various flavors of hookah through fumes. These different flavors fill the air more when the demand increases. As a thumb rule increase in demand increase consumption thereby making the air heavier. In fact, being a small and compact place, it happens faster.

18+ Restaurant Sector 41 Noida Review

You will love sitting at 18+ Restaurant, I am sure. In addition, you get free wifi, that too in a hassle free way. Though this is free for your first hour of stay here. All drinks are rightly prepared with good presentation. I tried Fresh Lime Soda, Lassi, and Cold Coffee that were right to my taste. Pizza toppings are as per your choice. You can select 3 toppings of your choice among various options. Cheese topping above all is by default and separate from these. What else to say for the dishes because you need to try each to enjoy the recipes and presentation.

18+ Restaurant Sector 41 Noida Review

18+ Restaurant Sector 41 Noida Review

As a matter of fact, 18+ Restaurant is quite suitable for sitting with laptop and working for a while if you have something important to cover up while sitting here. The ambient energy here gives you ample means to concentrate on your work. The vibrant graffitis, catchy one-liners, decoratives, and posters are well matching with the theme conveying the right kind of message. 18+ Restaurant is in the basement. Right above it, there is another fabulous place to have a wonderful dining experience.

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