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101 Golden Rules of Perfect Parenting – Parenting is an Art

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What 101 Golden Rules of Perfect Parenting is about and some excerpts: This book is a compilation of 101 quotes for perfect parenting. 10 best quotes I would like anytime out of 101 quotes in the book are below. Although the choice of best will vary from reader to reader. As it varies in top 10 Bollywood actors or top 10 songs. But on the whole 101 Golden Rules of Perfect Parenting is an excellent book. You can always read the book despite being on either side of the road. Here are my 10 best quotes from 101 Golden Rules of Perfect Parenting:

  1. An ounce of praise is worth far more than a tonne of criticism
  2. Don’t tell your children how to do things. Tell them what to do and let them find their own ingenious methods of doing it
  3. Teach your child about all the colours. But let them paint the canvas of his life on his own.
  4. Shielding your child from every upsetting situation will make him unfit to handle the reality of life.
  5. Victory and defeat are both part of the life. Encouraging your child to win is important. It is equally important to teach him how to accept defeat gracefully.
  6. Take your child in your confidence when things go wrong. A child can cope well with crises if you mentally prepare him by telling him what is happening
  7. Let your child not be afraid of making mistakes. Let him know a mistake is not a mistake as long as he learns from it.
  8. Encourage the child to take decisions. Good decision-making ability will make him successful.
  9. Children should not be expected to behave like adults. They cannot sit quietly or concentrate on one thing for long.
  10. You may not be able to make your child do great things. But you sure can teach him to do small things in a great way.

101 Golden Rules of Perfect Parenting – Learn the Art

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My views on Parenting and this book:Parenting is a process of upbringing your child in a most appropriate manner but before the process starts long before that when you start planning what to do and what not to do before prior to your child gets birth. It starts at a very early stage and I think we, first of all, see and learn it from our own parents. The childhood game of playing HOME or PARENTS is very popular among growing children below 6-7 years of age. Parenting is a life long process, it does not mean only for the parents of growing children as growth is a continuous process and as is Parenting.

Children remain children throughout and Parents remain Parents whatever is the age of Children and Parents. Parenting is an Art and not a science as it does not run on a fixed pattern and is not constant, it varies from Parents to Parents and Child to Child, the same parents have to adopt different styles and patterns of Parenting for their different children. As a matter of fact,  this style and pattern change along with the age of the child.

The book is a good compilation of 101 quotes, some familiar and some not familiar but all are acceptable as all do good in some way or the other.

Happy Parenting with 101 Golden Rules of Perfect Parenting.

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